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Honoring God with Your Body: The Power of Sexual Stewardship

Sexual stewardship is not a common subject that you’ll find in the church, unfortunately. In fact, many believers have never had bold teaching on this important topic. But we need to lay a strong foundation from the Word of God for every area of our lives, including sexuality because there is such an aggressive attack…

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How to Receive a Harvest During a Famine

I went to school during the week, and on the weekends I would go do trade shows. I started buying all the trade shows for the year, and then COVID happened. I wasn’t just broke. I was in the hole, looking up at broke, $40,000 in debt. My wife and I were lying in bed,…

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How to Face Death and Keep Standing!

I’m a dangerous man today because I’ve died twice. I died in Jesus and then I physically died of a heart attack. I could tell you my testimony, and it won’t change much five years from now. But if I tell you how I faced what I faced, how I’m standing here now—it’ll last you…

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Financial Stewardship

Everybody wants to prosper financially, but did you know that your attitude is the key? It’s not your job, what you inherited, or anything else. I’ve experienced both poverty and wealth, and I’ve come to realize that it’s a person’s mindset that makes the difference in financial stewardship. You need to understand why it’s important…

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