A Marriage Restored: The Hudsons’ Story of Healing

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Whether you can recall the excitement of your wedding day or you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival, many of us envision a fairy-tale beginning. Find out what happens in A Marriage Restored: The Hudsons’ Story of Healing.

We imagine growing old with the love of our lives, untouched by the hardships we vowed to overcome. But for Racquel and Herman Hudson, their journey took an unexpected turn.

The couple, initially blissful after their wedding, soon faced a severe test of their vows when Racquel was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease systemic lupus, leaving her in a debilitated state. At just thirty years of age, she was battling a failing heart and kidneys and multiple other ailments. Racquel was slowly withering away as her husband watched. She could barely eat, and when her immune system failed to resist the worst case of shingles doctors had ever seen, lesions began to distort the appearance of her face.

The unexpected sickness and overwhelming symptoms began to place a strain on their marriage.

When Herman left for work, Racquel would lie lifeless on the couch, haunted by thoughts that her husband would leave her for good because she couldn’t live an ordinary life. Herman, faced with the heartbreaking sight of his ailing wife, pressed into God’s Word for strength. Despite the desire for a “normal” marriage, he remained committed to his vows and encouraged himself with Scripture.

Then the mind games began.

Not only was Racquel hounded with the idea that her husband would leave, but the enemy slipped seemingly innocent thoughts into Herman’s mind of what a “normal” life could be like with someone else. Something as ordinary as eating at a sandwich shop and seeing happy couples dining together would spark a trail of imaginations. Fleeting thoughts would arise like, Wouldn’t it be nice to be with someone who can eat a sandwich? My wife can’t eat anything.

Herman loved his wife and immediately recognized the demonic influence behind those temptations. Though he could have allowed those thoughts to dominate his emotions, he took them captive and fought for his marriage, understanding that the battle would be won or lost in his mind. His feelings didn’t compare to the vows he had made before God.

The battle was on.

Herman covered every mirror in the house with encouraging Bible verses for Racquel to read rather than gaze at her sickly reflection. He also reminded himself often that the man “who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD” (Prov. 18:22, New King James Version). When times got tough, Herman fought His battles using God’s Word.

Something had to break.

The couple sought tirelessly to acknowledge God, and their turning point finally came when they discovered The Gospel Truth TV program with Andrew Wommack. When Racquel’s parents told her about Andrew, Herman wasn’t excited about tuning in. He wasn’t expecting this ordinary-looking man to share the very answers that he and Racquel had been looking for. However, it wasn’t long until they became avid viewers and received the revelation needed to turn their lives around.

Their long-anticipated answer had finally come.

Eager to be immersed in an atmosphere of faith, the couple enrolled at Charis Bible College. After they sat under the Word daily and discovered that Christ provided healing at Calvary (1 Pet. 2:24), Racquel effortlessly and progressively began experiencing healing. It wasn’t immediate, but the seed of God’s Word in her heart began to produce the faith she needed for her miracle.

Racquel began to eat as if she were already healed, and at her next visit with her cardiologist, she received the news: her heart was unexplainably healed! When her puzzled doctor brought her this report—a praise report that he was unable to deny—she gave all glory to God. And after a successful kidney transplant, Racquel is completely whole.

Now Racquel and Herman have the extraordinary marriage they dreamed of on the day they made their wedding vows. Because of their desire and determination to stand on the Word of God and seek truth, a terrible situation that could have ended Racquel’s life and their marriage became a testimony that inspires people around the world.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

What an incredible story to share with your friends who need healing, are newly married, or just need to hear some good news!

Thanks to the support of our partners and friends, not only did Racquel receive the revelation for total healing through the teachings of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, but her marriage blossomed more beautifully than ever!

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