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Healed by the Word 

You’ve probably heard the expression “break a leg,” used to wish actors luck before performing.  Though Michael Schutz is a regular actor in many of our Charis Bible College productions, he would be the first to tell you luck isn’t what got him through the biggest battle of his life Michael was born with extreme food allergies and later diagnosed with asthma. After eating most foods, he would break out in hives. Due to his difficulty breathing, he couldn’t play sports. He got used to a restricted diet, but he grew tired…

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O Death, Where is Thy Sting?

Freedom was a feeling he had longed for all his life.   “To understand that there is a God who loved me, and we have authority because of Jesus, was life-changing to me,” said Mike Heiser.    “I never knew we had any authority in Christ. I would just ask God and hoped He did it.” Mike Heiser Mike and Pat Heiser had always been taught…

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