The Incredible Healing Journey of a Baby with Down Syndrome

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God thinks differently from how people think. However, when we follow Him, we can have peace knowing His plans for us are always good. Steve and Holly Trover can testify to this statement.  

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

In 2008, while Steve was in prayer, God put it on his heart to have a fourth child—though the couple had long come to the agreement that their family was complete. Steve did not accept it right away. For two months, Steve resisted while the Lord continued to impress it on him.  


One evening around midnight, the Lord instructed Steve to tell his wife, and Steve finally surrendered. He went to Holly and shared with her that God had been waking him up in the night for two months about them having another baby. The news surprised Holly, but the couple decided to listen to the Lord. Shortly after, she conceived.  

At their second prenatal doctor’s visit, the doctor proceeded to list the signs and symptoms she saw in the baby on ultrasound, telling them, “You have a greater than oneintwo chance that this baby has Down syndrome.” When the doctor left the room, Steve canceled the evil diagnosis in Jesus’ nameThe couple recognized the factsknowing the doctor was simply doing her job, but determined in their hearts to believe the truth found in the Word of God. They had been grounded in the truth in their church group by Andrew Wommack’s teachings. So they knew God’s will was for a healthy baby. 

Ultrasound with blue baby shoes on clothesline- Baby Healed of Down Syndrome Blog


Going back for the next ultrasound, the Trovers resolved not to be led by emotion. Instead, they would stand on Gods Word. When the nurse informed them that they would have a different doctor, it was Holly who asked to see the original doctor. 

The original doctor arrived and began to take measurements. Steve waited in the background humming “I’m Counting on God.” After measuring and remeasuring, the doctor finally stopped to say, “If this was the first time Id seen this baby, I would tell you theres nothing wrong and hes perfect in every way.” She continued measuring but couldn’t find anything wrong, saying “This is just one of those times when you throw your hands up in the air.” 

 After baby Nathaniel was born, the nurse gave him a perfect Apgar score of ten, which she mentioned was something she rarely did. The Trovers saw this as a clear sign of God showing off!  

Thank you, friends and partnersbecause of you, Nathaniel is completely healed and whole! What God has done for the Trover family, He wants to do for you. Truly nothing is impossible with God. 


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