Launch of La Verdad del Evangelio on Enlace TV 

Andrew Wommack la verdad del evangelio en Espanol

Andrew Wommack’s The Gospel Truth TV program has reached so many in the English-speaking world, and now we are excited to introduce it for the first time in the Spanish language.  

Following our commitment to take the Gospel as far and as deep as possible, we are launching La Verdad del Evangelio (the Gospel Truth Series) on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Spanish channel, Enlace TV. 

Beginning April 18, 2022 Enlace viewers will be able to watch Andrew Wommack’s teachings in Spanish. The broadcast will air in the U.S. on weekdays at 3:30 p.m. ET (1:30 p.m. MT). Mellaney Moore, our Spanish TV producer, encourages all viewers to check their local schedule for programming times in their respective countries and regions. 

For the last fourteen years, countless books and study guides of Andrew’s have been translated into Spanish and distributed in many countries. These materials have been a blessing to Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. and Latin America.  

Now with this historical launch underway, more people will have access to more of Andrew’s teachings.

Spanish translator Citlalli Macy, who led the translation of these materials, says, “Andrew has had the desire to share the Gospel in Spanish in his heart for a while, but now he knows the time is right. I believe God is going to use each series as a building block to build a firm foundation in many lives.” 

In addition to this launch, viewers will also have the chance to access our Spanish website at for more resources such as articles on Andrew’s most popular teachings, and videos of La Verdad del Evangelio on demand.  

As we partner with Enlace TV, we are excited to see the true Gospel being transmitted to the Spanish-speaking segment of the population in the U.S. and around the world. Andrew plans to start with his four-week series entitled Spirit, Soul & Body. Enrique de la Vega, our Manager of Spanish Ministry, says, “Andrew’s unique style in presenting the truth of the Gospel is going to be so different from any other minister that appears on Enlace.”  

“Andrew’s unique style in presenting the truth of the Gospel is going to be so different from any other minister that appears on Enlace.” 

— Enrique de la Vega, Project Management Manager of Spanish Ministry

Furthermore, Enrique emphasizes the importance of this launch. He says, “The Hispanic church at large needs to break free from religion, legalism, oppression, and develop a sound relationship with God and with each other. La Verdad del Evangelio is going to provide the viewers with a more accurate understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  

Thank you, partners, for helping us reach this great milestone; because of your support, countless people will receive the true Gospel message in the Spanish language. Their lives will be transformed and renewed all thanks to you!  

Andrew Wommack la verdad del evangelio en Espanol

If you’re not already a partner and would like to join us in taking the Gospel as far and deep as possible become a Grace Partner today! 


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