Are You a Steward or an Owner

Are You a Steward or an Owner

I wrote a blog article earlier this year called Token of My Trust. It’s about being a steward of the finances God gives us. I read through the article again to remind myself that my money isn’t really my money. That might sound crazy. But forgetting that I’m a steward and not an owner of my money might be the reason I don’t prosper as I’d like. It’s common for me to slip into the wrong mindset.

Being a steward over something means that God is always in my thoughts over that thing. It means I’m considering what He would do with it. No, it’s actually more than just considering. It means I’m going to do what He would do with it!

The only way to know what God would do in any given moment is, yes, through His Word, but it’s also through relationship with Him. There really isn’t a shortcut.

Over the next two weeks on the Gospel Truth broadcast, Andrew hosts Paul Milligan, the CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries. They discuss Paul’s teaching Basic Cents. During the conversation, after discussing the practical side of managing money, Paul tells Andrew something that I find remarkable:

“The difficult thing for me sometimes with finances is that you get focused on the financial numbers and money, and there’s so much more to it. There is relationship with God. There is obedience to God, pursuing the will of God, pursuing the kingdom of God. All these things we’ve talked about, and those spiritual things are much more important to me than [the practical] things we’re talking about.”

This is the very thing I’m talking about. It’s these spiritual things that we as Christians overlook sometimes. Or, let me make it personal: these are things that I tend to overlook.

Stewardship would mean nothing without relationship. But, you know, relationship without stewardship would mean nothing too. Think about that.

On the broadcast, Paul says, “Once you start taking steps toward stewardship, then God gets involved and things get accelerated. And your income increases when God sees you’re going to be a good steward.”

That’s interesting. Paul didn’t say that I will get a raise if I’m a good steward, though I’m sure that this could apply. But Paul said my income would increase. During their conversation, Andrew mentions that God wants people to have multiple streams of income. That means me. And that means you too! God wants you to have multiple streams of income in your life! Hallelujah!

It all starts with being a good steward—just approaching God with your money and saying, “God, what do You want me to do with this?”

God wants to be involved. But He won’t force Himself into our finances. We have to invite Him in. And I think He’d say with a smile on His face, “I’ve been waiting all day for you to give that to Me!”

Let’s approach God today and determine to be better stewards of the finances He has given us.

Andrew and Paul cover so much more on this subject. I’m sure it will help you, so check out the Gospel Truth this month. Also consider ordering the Basic Cents Package, which includes this teaching plus six months of free access to Paul’s web-based software. These tools will help you become a better steward of your money and to prosper in the way God intended. You will be blessed.


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