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Does it feel like the world is hellbent on stealing the innocence and identity of our children? The books our kids read, the music they listen to, or the movies and TV shows they watch are all geared mainly toward creating confusion. At Andrew Wommack Ministries, we know what a struggle it is for parents to find positive, faith-based content for their kids, and we know that providing our children with faith-building content is more important than ever. ​

We want our children to grow up kind, compassionate, and responsible. We want them to make wise choices and know how to share the gospel as far and deep as possible. We can ensure this by teaching them how to live out their faith boldly.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Our Children’s Resource page offers a fun and family-friendly experience to help you find content that will build a strong faith foundation. As your children go out into the world, they will be equipped with the knowledge they need to stand firm. This resource page will help you find the right content to shape their worldview, give them a deeper understanding of the world, and learn to see it as Christ would.

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As parents, we are our children’s first and most important teachers. It’s our job to teach them what honesty, integrity, and compassion look like, with Jesus at the center of it all. We can model these values by sharing beloved characters in movies, TV shows, and books that capture our children’s attention.

Here are a few reasons why offering content to build their faith foundation is crucial for children’s development.

Life is full of challenges.

Our children will not escape challenges simply because they are kids. Many kids experience adversity that we don’t as adults. Whether it’s difficulty at school, dealing with other kids, or family issues, the content we allow them to ingest will determine how they respond to these encounters in life. Our children are more vulnerable to outside influences and peer pressure during adolescence. It’s essential to provide them with books, TV shows, movies, and other content that teaches them hope, encouragement, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Developing a sense of purpose and meaning

As children get older, they often begin to ask big questions about the meaning of life and their place in this world. As they seek answers to these questions, we can offer them Christ-centered entertainment that can answer these questions and help them develop a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. We can counterbalance the mainstream media. By engaging with stories, music, and other forms of media that reflect biblical principles, children can begin to internalize these values and develop a strong sense of morality and ethics. Encouraging kids to explore their faith and values in a way that can help them find that sense of direction and purpose will guide them throughout their lives. This content can show them that their lives are significant and part of something bigger than themselves.

Misinformation is hard to process.

The world is increasingly focused on promoting ideologies that conflict with traditional biblical beliefs. Children have difficulty discerning between fact and fiction or what is right and wrong. And because media tends to blur the line between reality and fantasy and present morally ambiguous messages, you can see how this creates a very confusing atmosphere for our children as they grow. The National Institute of Health explains that exposure to inappropriate content at a young age may desensitize them to violence, aggression, and other negative behaviors, leading to behavioral problems and difficulty forming healthy relationships.  If parents don’t mediate, this information can cause turmoil, misunderstanding, and a distorted view of the world. When we, as parents, take the responsibility to protect our children from this and offer faith-building content that will help them grow in the Lord and build that foundation, we will see the fruit bear out. We want to encourage families to explore their faith and values in a way that can help their children find a sense of direction and purpose that will guide them throughout their lives.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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As our children are bombarded with negative influences, they will always have their faith foundation to lean on as they grow. Our vigilance now will reap a harvest of God-fearing Jesus followers for generations to come.

Our children’s resource page is a great place to start building your collection of faith-building books.TV programs, and other valuable materials. Help your kids create a solid faith foundation as they learn about the love of God and begin to understand the importance of living a life that honors Him. 

Nurture you child’s faith! Check out our Children’s Resource Page now!


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