Lessons from the Christmas Story

Christmas is such a special time of year. For many of us, our spiritual journey has deepened over the years, and Christmas has taken on new significance despite the increasing commercialism surrounding the holiday. We’ve come to appreciate the positive aspects of the season and the opportunity it brings to shine the bright light of our Savior’s grace in a fallen world.

In a nation that seems intent on erasing its Christian roots, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the Gospel’s greatest truths in the public arena. It’s a time when you can hear Christian songs like “Joy to the World” fill the air in some places and see beautiful Nativity scenes that remind us of the birth of our Savior.

Christmas also reminds us about the importance of loving one another as God loved us by sending His Son to earth. It reinforces values that can sometimes be overlooked during the rest of the year. It is also a catalyst for bringing families together and fosters the important bonds of family togetherness.

Appreciating Christmas Traditions

In our efforts to preserve our nation’s Christian heritage, we should see Christmas as a significant victory and take great joy in witnessing God’s love for humanity on display in public spaces. Think about it: this is the only time of year we can hear the name of Jesus Christ being proclaimed.

And some will go to church during Christmas who might not otherwise attend. There are so many opportunities at Christmas to share our faith! The world needs to see Christians smiling, giving, and spreading joy all throughout the year, but this should be especially visible at Christmas time.

Opportunities to Share Our Faith

However, amid the many wonderful opportunities that the Christmas season brings, the familiarity of the Christmas story can often overshadow the profound truths contained within it. There are many life-changing lessons to be learned from the miraculous birth of Jesus, lessons that often go unnoticed by the average person.

That’s why Andrew Wommack created a four-part teaching titled Lessons from the Christmas Story. In this series, he shares some of the most fascinating truths revealed in Scripture about the birth of Jesus.

For instance, did you know that the virgin birth of Jesus was entirely normal in every respect except one? The laws of reproduction that God created weren’t suspended for this event. Mary didn’t become pregnant without contact with a seed; instead, God used the seed of His Word. This sheds great light on why God waited so long after the fall of man to send Jesus and why God chose to become a man in the first place.

The Hidden Treasures of the Christmas Story

Our Creator spoke the universe into existence through His Word, and when it came time to create the last Adam, Jesus, God had to speak Him into existence. However, because God had given dominion over the earth to human beings, He had to work through humanity to bring forth the Redeemer.

This process took about four thousand years, with various prophecies being spoken by those whose hearts were open to listening and responding to God. The moment when Mary heard Gabriel’s message and humbly received God’s Word unto her, the conception of the Messiah took place.

John 1:14 captures this beautifully:

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”

Jesus was, quite literally, God’s Word becoming flesh. God used His Word as the divine agent for conception. This revelation answers many questions, including why there was a 4,000-year gap between the fall of man and the arrival of Jesus. It also brings understanding to why God, the Creator, had to become a man.

Born of God’s Word

Did you know that we are also born again through the incorruptible seed of God’s Word? But just like any seed, it has to be watered and nurtured in order to grow into a mature plant. This is where things like prayer, renewing our minds by reading God’s Word, and worship come in. These are like water and light that nourish and grow the seed of God’s Word planted in our hearts.

Christmas is about the Gospel of peace, a message that should resonate throughout the year. The angels proclaimed peace between God and humanity, and this message of reconciliation is at the heart of Christmas.

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Andrew Wommack’s Free Christmas Teaching

We are thankful that we can still freely celebrate Christmas and the love and mercy of God in our nation. Please take advantage of the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of peace, and rediscover the profound truths within the Christmas story.

You can learn more about the hidden treasures of Christmas from Andrew Wommack’s four-part series titled Lessons from the Christmas Story. In this series, he delves deeper into these insights and invites you on a journey to rediscover the joy, love, and hope that Christmas represents. Visit Lessons from the Christmas Story to watch this teaching.

From all of us at Andrew Wommack Ministries, we pray this Christmas season will be a time of reflection, growth, and renewed faith for you and your family. Praise God for the gift of Jesus!


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