Let the Children Come to Me

Welcome to Watersprings Ranch.

When you give to Andrew Wommack Ministries, your gifts are used to support more than twenty other ministries around the world. One of those organizations is Watersprings Ranch, a privately funded ministry providing Christian homes to abused and neglected children in Arkansas.

“There was a desire—a longing in our hearts—to help abused and neglected kids,” shares Founder David Whatley. “So, we began Watersprings Ranch and opened the first home in 1989.”

The first house was only the beginning, as David and his wife Carla went on to open seven other homes. “The property has a miraculous story behind it,” explains Co-Founder Carla Whatley. “Everything about it is God because we could not have done it on our own.”

Grand Opening announcement for Watersprings Ranch.
Some of the kids are rescued from a life of abuse or neglect.

Every parent knows that raising your own children is a task within itself, but raising someone else’s children takes things to a whole other level. Just ask David and Carla! “We’re fully responsible for all of their needs, from educational requirements to medical treatments,” David says. “And God has just miraculously provided the funds for us so we can take care of our kids.”

“Several years ago, friends of ours gave us some CDs by Andrew Wommack,” tells Carla. “We had come out of a denominational church, and I knew there was something more. I knew that there was something missing in my life. So, I just began crying out to the Lord. I started listening to Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith, and I would play it over and over again. I began to understand grace for the first time—it all began to click on the inside of me.”

David goes on to share that one of the teachings that made the biggest difference in his own life was Spirit, Soul & Body: “It was life changing for me. I began to see things totally different than I had before. Our kids had to have this revelation!”

David and Carla discuss the Word in their weekly bible study.
The basics of Andrew’s teaching are taught to the kids in an applicable way.

David and Carla began , in their weekly Bible studies, imparting to the kids an understanding of who they are in Christ. David shares, “Whether it’s been physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or whatever the case, God loves them, and He loves them unconditionally. He has wonderful grace that He provided for them.”

“When they come here, they’re so hurt and rejected,” explains Carla. “So, it’s the Word that’s imparted to them that brings emotional healing and stability to their lives. It’s the truth of God’s Word that truly makes them free.”

Carla continues, “I would just like to thank Andrew and Jamie Wommack and their partners for making this possible for us, the children and, I believe, possibly for this community one day.”

“Not only are you supporting Andrew Wommack Ministries,” adds David, “But you’re also supporting many ministries like Watersprings Ranch and making an eternal difference in the lives of children.”

If you would like more information on becoming a partner, visit our website and see just how far you can make a difference.


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