On a New Path

“I used to think that everything about me was filthy,” admits Sandy Harmon. Sandy had started seeing a Christian counselor to deal with the shame and trauma of becoming a single mother. During one visit, Sandy’s counselor handed her Andrew Wommack’s Spirit, Soul & Body teaching. While listening to it, she heard for the first time the truth about the condition of her spirit. “Andrew taught me that in my spirit, there is no sin, no inadequacy, and no fear. My born-again spirit is just like Jesus’.” This life-changing teaching spurred Sandy on to begin calling the Andrew Wommack Ministries Helpline. Every week she would order free ministry materials provided through AWM partners.

Although Sandy’s relationship with God was stronger than ever, her world was falling apart in the natural realm. “I was spending $300 a month in copays because my kids were always sick. As a single mom, I couldn’t afford it, so I just kept building up credit card debt. I was going to the food pantry because I couldn’t afford groceries. And, on top of all that, I had run up thousands upon thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees for my divorce.”

Frustrated and feeling she had nothing to lose, Sandy decided to take an enormous leap of faith and enroll at Charis Bible College Colorado. As a part of that step of faith, Sandy was believing God for $2,000 to be able to move to Colorado. “One day, about a week before I was going to leave, I sensed in my spirit that money was coming to me that day in the mail,” recalls Sandy. “Sure enough, I found an envelope from my bank in the mail. It was the statement from the money market I’d been living off of. The statement showed that every month there was $1.31 in the account. This particular month, however, showed a balance of $2,466.”

Every day after coming home from Charis, Sandy would pray in tongues for four hours, pulling out what was in her spirit into the natural, and she would speak out scriptures concerning God’s provision. One day, Sandy received a phone call that set her destiny in motion: “I got a call from someone who knew of a real estate agent needing help. The Lord showed me I was supposed to minister to this agent. I met with her, not knowing the situation God was putting me in and not knowing anything about title insurance, which was her business.”

Only a few minutes into their meeting, the agent began pouring her heart out to Sandy about various issues in her life. Knowing who she was in her spirit, Sandy was able to spend the next four hours ministering the goodness and love of God to her. And even though Sandy didn’t know anything about title insurance, she was able to double this agent’s business in a month’s time. In turn, the agent connected Sandy with dozens upon dozens of Realtors with whom she had a relationship. Soon, God led Sandy to formally start her own business. She set up a website and began to seriously market herself as a person who helps Realtors succeed in their businesses.

Now, four years later, Sandy has hired five assistants, as her company is becoming nationally known with clients in Colorado; Florida; Washington, D.C.; Minnesota; and Washington State. A national real estate school contacted her and is paying her to produce training videos for them, and she will get the rights to the marketing material. When asked how her business is doing today, Sandy says, “It’s just supernatural!” Through learning who she was in her spirit all those years ago, Sandy is now able to walk in the abundance God has for her.

Spirit, Soul & Body is one of the teachings that was instrumental in setting Sandy on a new path of success and prosperity. This teaching will help you too. You can also watch Andrew discuss this on his Gospel Truth program. For the full story of Sandy’s testimony, go here.

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