Relief for Nepal

Many often wonder if natural disasters—such as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015—are the work of God. Let me first say that God’s discipline for the Christian is always one-on-one and always involves the Word of God, not a natural disaster.

Jesus clearly stated in Luke 9:56 that He did not come to destroy people’s lives but to save them. This was said in direct response to His disciples’ asking if they could call fire down from heaven and consume the Samaritans, just as Elijah had done in the Old Testament.

Jesus wouldn’t do it. In fact, He rebuked His disciples for desiring to do so. He was demonstrating that God would deal with man differently after the Atonement was made. The book of Revelation describes a time in the future when God’s judgment will rain down upon unbelievers; however, today we are living in an age of grace when God is not imputing man’s sin unto them (2 Cor. 5:19).

What has taken place in Nepal is truly devastating. An estimated 8 million people have been affected. More than 5,000 people have allegedly died in Nepal alone, and neighboring countries such as India and China have suffered losses as well.

Thousands upon thousands have been injured, many suffering multiple fractures and other injuries. After initial assessment, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that hospitals in Nepal’s worst-hit districts suffered significant damage, and some were completely destroyed. Medicine and medical equipment and materials are among the top necessities for these people.

As is the case with any mass destruction, a priority for the WHO is preventing the possible spread of diarrheal diseases among the millions of displaced people, especially those living in makeshift camps. So far, no camps have reported an increase in diseases or any outbreaks. Nepal is apparently renewing its appeal to international donors to send tents and canvas in order to build more temporary shelters. In addition, the Nepalese government is asking for grain, salt, and sugar.

Join Jamie and me in praying for the nation of Nepal along with the neighboring countries who have suffered this devastating earthquake. Agree with us that the Lord is giving supernatural wisdom and guidance to the leaders of these countries as they face the challenges of this disaster.

In addition, we have set up a safe and convenient way for you to donate to the people of Nepal. We are presently providing financial support to a number of contacts who have connections in the area, including:

  • Charis Bible College instructor Dr. Delron Shirley, who will be leaving for Nepal on May 17
  • Charis graduate Errol Mannon, who operates an orphanage in Nepal with twelve children, all of whom are safe—his contacts in Nepal are reaching out with physical aid
  • Charis graduates Bob and Dawa Wesley, who were in Nepal when the earthquake hit—they are safe and are presently taking action to help victims; their main focus is children and their mothers
  • AWM Germany director Juergen Pauli, who is leading a charity for an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Charis graduate Luke and his wife Virginia Oyler, who work to empower Himalayan children with the skills to become the carriers of HOPE to their people

To make a donation, please visit: or call our Helpline: 719-635-1111.


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