Remembering Why He Came

Joy to the world! The Lord has come…

With Christmas quickly approaching and The Heart of Christmas production being a hit, it’s easy for many of us to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s easy to enjoy the holiday where we celebrate Jesus coming to earth as a baby in a manger. And it’s sometimes easy to forget the heart behind why He came. It’s important to remember to celebrate not only His life but also His death.

After the festivities are over and the Christmas lights come down, may we remember the great sacrifice our Lord made thirty-three years after coming to the earth. And here to help us remember are internationally recognized producers Robert and Elizabeth Muren with their production of God with Us. The Murens founded Northern Lights Media and will be bringing their original musical to the Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 7-8, 2017.

This cinematic stage production depicts the story of believers caught in an epic clash between Jesus’ followers and the Roman Empire. The story is told through the eyes of the aging Apostle Peter, one of the original twelve disciples, who has become a leader in the early Christian church. Locked up in a Roman prison cell with his fellow believers, Peter retells the story of redemption, from Abraham to Jesus, engraving hope and courage into the hearts of his listeners.

“The story of God with Us is about the first believers of Jesus in Rome,” explained Robert Muren, “how they were surrounded by persecution and trouble and how Peter could remind them of God’s faithfulness to his people through history. It is a reminder of keeping the faith in the midst of trials and hardships.”

Robert went on to explain what makes this production different from other productions of its kind: “The uniqueness in this production compared to others is that it is very focused on Scripture. Peter is the storyteller, and all he has to share with the believers are stories from Scripture to focus the hearts of his followers on God’s truth.”

The God with Us musical features all original songs and includes a large screen that provides backdrop imagery for the scenes. “[This] also gives the production the opportunity to combine film and stage into a multi-dimensional experience,” Robert said, “where the actors on film also appear on stage to enhance the story that is being told.”

Daniel Amstutz, director of the Creative Arts School at Charis Bible College, encourages everyone to come and attend this Easter event. “The God with Us production is absolutely a family event,” Daniel said. “Children are going to love this as much as adults are because there’s something for everybody. The story is of God’s love reaching out to people. It’s all about God’s heart. So, you see the story of God’s love reaching out in the old covenant, all the way up through sending Jesus, and then how Jesus revealed the Father.”

With rehearsals gearing up, the cast and crew are working tirelessly to bring you a production that will honor the One we are celebrating this season. Robert Muren summed it up with this: “It is a powerful message that surely will impact people in a major way. A musical like this has the ability to capture the attention of young and old, and it is an experience for the whole family.”

To purchase your tickets or for more information on pricing and showtimes, visit our website: And comment below if you’ve seen any of our previous productions, such as Heart of Christmas or our previous showing of God with Us.


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