So Simple That Even a Child…

If someone asked you to draw your spirit, what would you draw? It’s hard to draw something you’ve never seen. However, understanding the relationship between your spirit, soul, and body is foundational to walking with God. Andrew has dedicated a whole book to explaining this, entitled Spirit, Soul & Body. Recently this same teaching was updated with the help of Martin Berg, the administrator of the Andrew Wommack Ministries office in Birkenfeld, Germany. Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated takes Andrew’s message and allows viewers to see what happens when they are born again. As Andrew speaks, a hand draws on a whiteboard, animating through pictures how we are all three-part beings. “My hope is that some people who were far from Andrew’s teaching will be drawn in and know the Father and the truth of the Gospel,” says Martin. “I made it so simple that even a child can understand it.”

Martin began watching Andrew in 2012, years after his first wife died of cancer. Even before his wife’s death, Martin had wanted to quit his engineering job and change professions. He felt that he wasn’t in the right place to receive the call of God. “I had no vision or dream. I was dominated by frustration and disappointment. I had no idea where to go or how to go,” he recalls. And he began asking himself, “What can I believe God for now?”

Through some amazing circumstances, Martin married again. His second wife, Yvette, eighteen years his junior, wanted a child of her own. As Martin prayed, God enlarged his heart, and he agreed to have another child, having had three with his first wife. With a new understanding of God’s purpose, the couple went on to have four more children. As they got to know Andrew’s message, God opened doors for Martin to work for AWM Germany. However, with a large family now, Germany’s illegalization of homeschooling motivated him and his wife to move over the border into France. The couple want to homeschool their remaining six children, ages ten to one.

As Martin’s desire to support Andrew was growing, he got a picture in his mind. He began to imagine how he could animate the truth that believers are made up of three parts. As an engineer, he had seen animated illustrations effectively explain difficult secular topics. Then the idea came to him: Show his hand drawing on a white canvas and have a camera film it, and then speed up the film to match Andrew’s voice describing how God made us spirit, soul, and body.

Martin’s first attempts failed. He didn’t get the effect he was looking for. Then he discovered software that could do it. Martin bought the software, but it was still a slow process of trial and error. His first demo was ready when he went to the AWM conference held in Wiesbaden in June 2014. It was there that he met Stephen Bransford, director of media productions for AWM. Martin gave him the demo.

For a long time, Martin heard nothing back from AWM about this. Then Klaus Gruber, current director of AWM Europe, told him that Andrew’s grandchild liked it. Martin was asked for a better version in September 2015. By February 2016, he had gifted Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated to AWM. “I was not trying to be important,” says Martin. “I gave it just to be a blessing.” Now Martin’s blessing to the ministry is touching lives all over the world.

Andrew’s original Spirit, Soul & Body teaching is available as a CD or DVD series as well as a book and study guide. Order Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated, here.

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