The Record-Breaking Healing Is Here Conference

The Record Breaking Healing Is Here Conference

The 2018 Healing Is Here Conference was just awesome! It broke records with the highest number of first- and all-time attendees! The word is definitely out there: healing is here, it’s for today, and it’s ours right now!

Daniel Amstutz and Carlie Terradez―the dynamic duo―delved into intense periods of ministry training (a.k.a., “marinating in the Word”). They taught on our rights and authority as believers and how our faith becomes effective as we acknowledge every good thing in us (Philem. 6). Their training was hands-on, and they encouraged us, as carriers of the King of glory, to minister to and pray for each other. You could feel their passion right off the bat as they declared their hatred for sickness and what it does to people.

Andrew followed up on this by stating that he had only been sick once in fifty years, which is pretty impressive! Not many have that kind of testimony. And this, he said, is because he will not tolerate sickness in his body―the same way he wouldn’t go out and commit adultery. He declared that “we must hate what God hates!”

Barry Bennett spoke about the culture and language of the kingdom. We have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear son (Col. 1:13), and there’s no sickness in God’s kingdom. Hallelujah! Christ died to redeem us from every consequence of sin, including sickness. That revelation turned the light bulbs on in people’s hearts, and they were ready and determined to take back everything the devil had stolen from them.

Audrey Mack’s ministry and testimonies were powerful! As someone who overcame cancer—among other issues—Audrey knew what she was talking about. Her boldness was reflected in her message: “The violent take it by force!”

And that’s not all!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Randy Clark to Healing Is Here for the first time! A key player in the Toronto Blessing, Randy Clark has been used mightily by God to set captives free all over the world. The room was packed and overflowing with expectant people, who were ready to see the supernatural and miraculous manifest before their eyes. And, of course, they were not disappointed.

The Thursday Healing School session was also packed, as the keynote speakers came together as a panel and answered questions from the audience.

Practical, interactive workshops took place in between sessions, and many went on their first street ministry ever. Prayer ministry was also available after each session.

Over the course of four days, sickness and disease were exposed as the works of the Enemy. The devil was put to shame as many were saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, and delivered. The power of the Holy Spirit was indeed present to heal, and testimonies abounded on site and from online viewers! We saw people coming out of wheelchairs―one person hadn’t walked in ten years! Others were healed of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, paralysis, arthritis, severe pain, a lump in the breast, pinched nerves, COPD, digestive issues, emotional disturbance, deafness, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, a missing tooth, blindness, metal screws and bars in the body, and much more! There was a collection of wheelchairs, canes, and medical equipment no longer needed―a trophy of God’s healing power!

One lady had a healing journey, during which she received healing from a different condition each day of the conference: extreme pain from arthritis, T2 compressed fracture, cramps in feet and elsewhere, and cancerous neck tumors! Amazing!

If you missed one or all of these life-changing sessions or wish you could hear more of the conference testimonies, you can view videos from Healing Is Here 2018 on Charis Bible College’s YouTube Channel. For your convenience, you can order copies of the CDs or DVDs or request prayer by calling our Helpline at 719-635-1111, Monday through Friday from 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (MT).

You’ll find that the message is really almost too good to be true, and you won’t want to keep it to yourself.

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