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A Narrow Road

“It was about 20 years ago now, my principal had a meeting with me, and he said that I was going to lose all of my dreams and that I needed to give the baby up for abortion.” Choices Pregnancy Center has been a safe haven for young women in Teller County, Colorado by pointing…

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Gay Marriage and the Bible

Whenever a social issue of the day—such as same-sex marriage—gets confusing, we can go back to the Bible on the matter, where God reveals His heart. When people don’t know or understand what Scripture says—or if they just reject it outright—moral issues like homosexual marriage can end up destroying their lives. In the face of…

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Stronger Together

Although we live in this country as individuals, we are a nation, and as a nation, we can choose life or death. Our system allows us to vote on laws. This same system, however, also allows individuals to challenge laws and force the judicial branch to rule for all of us. The U.S. Supreme Court’s…

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Abortion and the Bible

Liberal. Conservative. Pro-life. Pro-choice. Democrat. Republican. It doesn’t matter where you’re classified on the political spectrum, we’re all aware of the abortion debate. We’ve seen the social ramifications of it. We’ve heard the pro-life and pro-choice arguments. We’ve read the statistics that say “24% of all pregnancies end in abortion.”1 We know that pro-choice advocates…

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