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Connie Weiskopf

Some people profess to believe in God, but they don’t know Him, His nature, His love or His power. This was true of Connie Weiskopf for a long time. Connie grew up in a large family with whom she attended a denominational church. It was through her church experience that the blindness of religion covered…

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Leaving a Legacy

Not too long ago, our ministry received a small gift, something that almost seemed insignificant. It was an old wooden folding chair. Looking at it, you can see that time had left its mark. The back is engraved with a name, and that’s what makes it special. The bold letters read “Kuhlman.” The engraved name…

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Walking in Dynamic Relationship with God

Traveling through the Yunnan province of China, Carol Odenwald sat mesmerized by the verdant scenery and beautiful mountainsides. Suddenly transported back to 1997, Carol remembered dreaming on the night she was filled with the Spirit: “I dreamt I was soaring with God over lush, green hills and valleys,” she shares. “I felt giddy—like a little…

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When Purpose Found Me

What does a successful life look like? Adam Stone was certain it had something to do with fame and fortune. His experience was unlike most people’s. “Although I was born again at seven years of age, I wasn’t really pursuing a relationship with Jesus,” he admits. “I was pursuing a career in the performing arts….

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