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Roku Channel We have our own channel on Roku! The Andrew Wommack Ministries Channel gives you instant access to hundreds of video teachings and extras for free! On Roku, you have the ability to stream and watch videos on your TV at any time. Two Ways To Add AWM To Your Roku: 1. Click on the following link to login to your Roku account and add it using the Roku website. Add the AWM Roku Channel. 2. Add the channel by accessing “Streaming Channels” from your Roku device. Scroll down to the “Religious” genre and select it. Then scroll down until you find the Andrew Wommack Ministries Channel and select it. Then select “Add channel”. What Is A Roku? A Roku is a small device that plugs into your TV and wireless internet connection. Roku is a growing trend, because unlike cable or satellite there is no monthly bill, yet it allows you to instantly watch over 750 channels and hundreds of thousands of movies. It also gives you the ability to stop, start, and resume the shows you want to watch, whenever you choose. Roku players are available at many retail stores. For more information visit ROKU Channel Listings ROKU Channel Time TBN Network M-F 6:30AM ET Daystar Television Network M-F 8:30AM ET Word Network M-F 2:00PM ET God TV M-F 7:30AM ET & 1PM ET BVOV Network M-F 4:30AM ET, 10:30AM ET, 3:30PM ET and Sat/Sun 10AM-12:30PM ET TCT M-F 10:00AM ET & 11PM ET CTN M-F 8:00AM ET Cornerstone Network M-F 7:00AM ET & 7:00PM ET GEB America M-F 8:00PM ET Total Living Network M-F 7:30AM ET CNL (Russian Christian TV) M-F 12:30PM Moscow time, 5:30AM ET Destiny TV M-F 7:00AM ET & 7:00PM ET


Podcasts Ever wish you could listen to Andrew’s teaching on the go? Well, now you can! Andrew Wommack Ministries is pleased to offer you our Gospel Truth Podcasts. Be encouraged in the Word, laugh out loud with your favorite Andrew-isms, and build your faith—in the face of your circumstances—all on your favorite device. You can listen to radio and television podcasts of the Gospel Truth as they become available by subscribing via iTunes or our RSS feed—no iPod necessary. Once you have subscribed to a podcast, your library of teachings will be automatically updated as they become available. To learn more about how to access all of Andrew’s podcasts, watch the video below. Happy listening! Subscribe to Televisions Podcasts Radio Podcasts iTunes MP3 Audio iPod Video Quicktime MP3 Audio RSS MP3 Audio iPod Video Quicktime Windows Media MP3 Audio What is a Podcast? How do I subscribe to a podcast? Podcasts are easy with iTunes; it’s free and you don’t need an iPod. Install the iTunes software. Click a bold link in the “Subscribe to” section above to open our iTunes page for that podcast. Click the “subscribe” button on our iTunes podcast page.

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Home/Video/TV Broadcast Schedules TV Broadcast Schedules Andrew Wommack Ministries’ Gospel Truth radio and television programs air all over the world. You can use these broadcast schedules to find when the Gospel Truth will be broadcast in your area.

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