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These days, Andrew Wommack Ministries is reaching far regions of the world like Africa and China, but Andrew’s heart has never left the local community of Colorado Springs—the city his ministry has called home for over twenty years.

When Andrew transitioned from pastoring a small church to operating in a full-time teaching ministry, God gave him the freedom to live anywhere he wanted. The mountains of Colorado inspired him to put down roots and create a base for his growing ministry. From AWM being located in the Garden of the Gods area to Charis Bible College thriving in Woodland Park, Andrew’s long-term commitment to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area has produced rich rewards. Now, decades later, the fruit produced in the community can be readily seen.

Andrew believes in the importance of developing a history with the local community—contrary to the trend in our modern culture that promotes transience and individualism. He thinks that the exaltation of self is destroying the very fabric of our society. That’s why his ministry works closely with pastors and nonprofit organizations in the community, advancing the kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed.

Although Andrew’s television broadcast, Gospel Truth, continues to expand and grow in popularity, he always encourages believers to find a good local church. He views fellowship with other believers as essential to a healthy Christian life. Andrew’s friendly relationship with the local church was evident at the recent celebration of Charis Christian Center’s fourteenth anniversary. For the past eleven years, he has been invited by Pastor Lawson Perdue to be a guest speaker at the annual event. This year, Andrew shared a timely word for the residents of Colorado Springs.

When a certain pastor moved to the Springs with the vision of planting a church, Andrew was one of the first ministers to welcome him. Today this pastor is an adjunct instructor at Charis. Other local pastors also teach at the college, further demonstrating the working together of ministries and community.

Andrew also encourages Charis students to build relationships and have an impact in the communities they live in while attending the college. The student body has been a great source of volunteers for community service in the area. The college’s philosophy is that every believer in Jesus is called to be a minister, and practical, hands-on serving is part of the Charis experience.

In addition to helping smaller, not-as-visible ministries, students in the volunteer program have served in local churches, homeless shelters, chaplaincy programs, home groups, and prison ministry. Several students have had the opportunity to volunteer for Mello Memories, a ministry on the outskirts of Colorado Springs that gives support to elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged individuals by visiting them with miniature horses for them to interact with. These friendly horses disrupt the monotony for nursing home residents while filling their lives with joy. Great things happen when willing hearts unite to share God’s love in a practical way.

It’s friends like you who help Andrew provide this ministry of taking the Gospel to our “Jerusalem…Judaea…Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Thank you for your support!


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