Death Defeated: Man Raised from the Dead

raised from the dead in uganda
Imagine seeing a stranger’s body stiff and lifeless as they fade into eternity. Perhaps you’d wonder about their life and the grief their family would feel at the loss of their loved one. Maybe feelings of sadness would wash over you at the finality of death.

If you were watching a stranger die, what would you do?

Martin Bashabe didn’t stand by and do nothing while death gripped a man’s life. See how God used him to raise a virtual stranger from the dead.

The Beginning

Martin Bashabe faithfully sought to find, follow, and fulfill God’s purpose for his life. His desire was so sincere that he traveled 400 kilometers from his hometown every two weeks to attend Charis Bible College Uganda.

Martin was just an ordinary man. A father of five children trying to make ends meet, he could have excused himself from any kind of determination to seek God’s unique will for his life, but he didn’t. Instead, he made the decision to seek first the kingdom of God. As a result, he kicked down the doors of complacency and embraced an exciting new life filled with God’s great exploits.

When Martin was introduced to The Believer’s Authority teaching by Andrew Wommack in class, he came face to face with a life-changing revelation—he actually had the power of Christ inside of him to heal the sick and raise the dead! This ordinary and simple father was no longer content to be “average.” He had the same power that raised Christ from the dead inside of him, and he knew it (Rom. 8:11).

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

The teaching at Charis Uganda changed Martin’s life. With his newfound awareness of His born-again identity in Christ, Martin traveled from village to village and hospital to hospital looking for the sick so that he could see them healed. He didn’t ask for permission; He simply used his authority as a believer.

As Martin obeyed God one step at a time, he saw many lives changed. From a girl suffering with epilepsy to another bound by mental illness to a young boy plagued with sickness, numerous people received their healing after Martin prayed for them.

Then It Happened

Word spread all over of the healings that followed Martin, until it finally reached a family in Rwanda who desperately needed a touch from God. After trying intercessors and medical care without success, they decided to reach out to Martin. Their father was suffering with a mysterious and unbearable disease, and they were hopeful Martin could help.

Determined to see their father well, the family traveled by motorbike from Rwanda to Martin’s house in Uganda. They arrived at nightfall only to find there wasn’t room for them to stay. When Martin connected them with a neighbor, the family was welcomed with open arms.

It just so happened that this neighbor was right in the middle of a prayer and worship service! After the service, Martin prayed for the sick man and he began to feel better. However, within hours, his health took a turn for the worse.

Then Martin received a call. This man who had traveled so far for help had died suddenly. Arriving back at his neighbor’s home, Martin could hear the cries of agony and despair echoing from the house. He wondered what would happen to his neighbor, since it is illegal to house a deathly sick person in Uganda. Would his neighbor be imprisoned? What would Martin do now?

In that moment, Martin faced one of the biggest challenges in his ministry—would he listen to thoughts of fear or the truths of the Word?

Thanks to Our Partners and Friends

Martin chose to stand on the Word.

If you’re a partner, you may be asking yourself, What does this have to do with me? Well, because of the training you made possible at Charis Uganda, Martin was equipped to defeat death with the illuminating light of God’s Word. As he looked past the dead man’s body, he chose to embrace truth instead of fear.

Martin prayed and used his God-given authority to partner with the Holy Spirit. He heeded Mark 11:23. As a result, warmth returned to the man’s body, he began to breathe, and he stood up and praised God. And through this miracle, the entire family received Jesus as Lord and Savior.

If Martin had not accessed teachings like The Believer’s Authority at Charis, this miracle may never have happened.

Thank you again, partners and friends, for your support that makes Charis Uganda and testimonies like these possible. Because of your giving, people like Martin have the opportunity to learn and build their faith!

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