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From New Age to God’s Grace

Have you ever felt a holy dissatisfaction, where you knew there had to be more to this life? That’s exactly where Randy and Melissa found themselves. They were running from the religion they grew up with and searching for God in all the wrong places. Growing up, Randy served as an altar boy in his…

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The Power of Imagination

I’ve met many Christians who want to see more of God in their lives. What they often don’t realize is that their experience of His power and presence is tied to their imagination. Now, when I say “imagination,” most Christians think I’m talking about make-believe or mind over matter. I’m not talking about either one….

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Standing for Truth in a “Woke” Climate-Change Agenda 

Have you heard about this? More than 1,600 scientists agree that global warming is a total hoax, and not just global warming, but the entire climate crisis that the radical left has been pushing for years. Many of us remember back in the seventies when they were trying to convince people that we were headed…

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How Well Do You REALLY Know God?

In any relationship you have, whether it’s with a friend, a spouse, or God, understanding the nature and character of the other person is important. Otherwise, how could you forge any kind of deep and meaningful connection? Without knowing the other person well, misinformation could undermine the relationship. The same goes for knowing God’s true…

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Can You Really Stay in God’s Will All the Time?

Should I take this job? Should I buy this house? Should I marry this person? My wife and I pastored for twenty-seven years, and I can’t tell you how many times we were asked these types of questions. Perhaps you also have questions like these about God’s will for your life. I encourage you not…

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From a Single Seed to a Worldwide Harvest: Celebrating 5,000 Episodes of The Gospel Truth

Click here to bookmark or favorite this page: This Week’s TV—The Gospel Truth Then be sure to tune in on September 18 for the 5000th episode of The Gospel Truth! A single seed has exponential power. A seed sown in good soil produces a harvest, bringing forth some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundredfold….

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Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

Beyond Intellectual Knowledge Have you ever experienced a miraculous encounter that ignited a fire within you? For me, it was the moment when the Lord touched my life fifty-five years ago. As I celebrate this milestone, I’ve been reflecting on the miraculous journey that brought me here. It wasn’t just that initial encounter; it was the revelation knowledge that followed, transforming my life and guiding my…

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Blessed to Be a Blessing! 

Our partners are helping to spread the Gospel across the United States of America, to people just like Joseph in Virginia. However, that is only a small portion of Andrew Wommack Ministries’ impact in the world today. All around the world people are hearing the truth that is setting them free and changing their lives….

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What You Didn’t Know About the Power of God’s Grace in Your Life

“Daddy, I need mercy” These were the words uttered by my sons when I caught them stealing rocks from the parking lot of the first church I pastored. Despite being warned about the consequences, they had repeated the offense a second time. When their day of reckoning arrived, they pleaded through tears, “Daddy, we need…

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Ten Godly Leadership Essentials

Leadership is a popular topic that I’ve often been asked to teach on, but I’ve been reluctant to do so. That may sound strange coming from someone who is seen as a leader, so let me explain. In my eyes, being a godly leader is all about following the Lord and cultivating a strong relationship…

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