Shepherding God’s Sheep: The Job of a Pastor

Shepherd Holding Sheep

The mission of tending to the flock of God is not an easy one, and having compassion for God’s people is only one aspect of a pastor’s responsibilities.

From discipleship and laboring in the Word to helping church members reach their full potential—pastors have their work cut out for them. Fortunately, the Association of Related Ministries International (A.R.M.I.), an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries, provides support, relationships, and resources to help.

“We pray all the time: Lord, give us the shepherd’s heart that Jesus had.”

— Van and Regina Smith 

Pastors of The Solid Rock of Atlanta, Van and Regina Smith are the founders of the Continuing Education for Ministers Scholarship Program, a benefit to qualifying A.R.M.I. members. 

Van and Regina ask the Lord on a daily basis to show them the needs of the people in their church. They believe that their most important work as pastors is to help others reach their potential and destiny. And A.R.M.I. helps them be the best shepherds they can be. 

Dennis and Denise Capra are the pastors of Faith Ministries Community Church in Grandview, Missouri, and executive regional advocates for A.R.M.I. They consider it their job to equip ministers to do the work of the ministry. Through discipleship, the Capras have trained up ministers who visit the sick, offer counsel, plant churches, and reach out to the nations. They appreciate the support of A.R.M.I. and enjoy what God has called them to do because they are not doing it alone. 

Chris Barhorst, pastor of True Life Church in Greenville, Ohio, is also an executive regional advocate for A.R.M.I. He spends most of his time in the Word, studying the Scriptures. 

“The way I worked hard when I worked in a warehouse or a factory, I need to work just as hard laboring in the Word of God.” 

— Chris Barhorst

In his role as an executive regional advocate, Chris takes what he has learned in ministry and helps support other ministers. 

Thank you, friends and partners! You are helping make a difference in the lives of pastors and ministers all around the world.

A.R.M.I. members receive vital support and refreshment to help them continue spreading the Gospel thanks to your support for Andrew Wommack Ministries! 

If you are in ministry and would like to be in fellowship with others in your area and receive support in fulfilling your calling, visit and become an A.R.M.I. member today! 


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