Success in Business — God’s Way

Hearing the call of God on your life can be a miraculous experience, but it can be difficult knowing how and when to pursue that call.

Fortunately, the Business School at Charis Bible College provides both a biblical foundation and cutting-edge business strategies that equip people to overcome such a challenge. 

Dana Ecklund, a graduate of Charis Business School, understands what it’s like to have a calling to business and to know that your own abilities can only take you so far. 

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” Dana says. From selling lemonade and watermelons to organizing charity events, Dana has been using her God-given creativity and business savvy to make money and help others ever since she was a child. 

Although eager to answer God’s call to start a business in 2015, Dana eventually reached the limits of her own abilities. However, while she and her husband, David, were attending the 2017 Kingdom Business Summit at Charis, they both felt the Lord’s leading to study at Charis together. 

“The excitement for business stayed with me for the two years of Bible classes, and then I applied for the Business School.”

— Dana Ecklund

The Third-Year Business School opened Dana’s eyes to what it means to manage a business successfully. “The teachers really picked [business models] apart and made us think about business in ways I had never heard before,” she says. 

Along with practical business skills, she also gained life skills in communication and fostering relationships. “You will be challenged to think about what you are doing and why. You will be taught to work with other team members and how to deal with obstacles and pivot when challenges come up,” Dana explains.

“I love that we learned and practiced roundtable discussions. I’m now able to listen to other people’s input without feeling defensive.”

— Dana Ecklund

After graduating, Dana continues to learn and to wait on God. “The business I presented at Business School is not the one I have currently launched. Why? Because there is a right time to launch something, and I know my time for this business is coming.” While waiting for God’s perfect timing, Dana wrote a book called OFF the Merry- Go-Round and ON with Your Life and started a website,, where she’s able to minister to others. 

Business School provided Dana with the tools she needed to pursue her passion, and it can do the same for you.

If God dropped something in your heart, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to pass, . . . maybe you should think of doing it a different way,” Dana says. “God knew—and then showed me—that I needed to first attend Charis Bible College and get the right biblical foundation before publishing my book and launching my big business dream.” 

Has God placed a desire in your heart for business? Have you buried that dream for lack of knowledge and skills? We encourage you to visit to learn how Charis Business School can help you make God’s calling a reality in your life. 


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