The Porter Healing Journey

Porter family

In the midst of a medical emergency, we as believers have a choice—believe what the doctors are saying or believe God’s Word. For Trina Porter from Glasgow, Scotland, this choice meant the difference between life and death when her husband, Alistair, had a near-fatal accident.

It all began with a phone call one ordinary day in January. Prior to then, Trina had listened to every teaching of Andrew’s that she could get her hands on. She knew that healing was always God’s will. She knew the power of imagination and how, if not careful, unbelief can counteract faith. Trina knew everything necessary for countering an attack from the Enemy; however, what she did not know was that the phone call she was about to answer would demand that she put it all into practice.

On the other end of the line was David, her husband’s coworker. “All he said was, ‘Al has fallen off a roof. We’re going to get him to the hospital.'” Trina recalls, “I said to God, ‘Al’s fallen off of a roof… What’s going on?’ God just said to me, ‘He’ll be all right.'”

God’s words comforted Trina to a point that she expected Alistair to have only minor injuries when she arrived at the hospital. This was not at all the case. “His head was so misshapen and bloated, he almost looked unrecognizable,” Trina remembers. “His eye was so swollen, it looked like someone had taken a tennis ball and stuck it underneath his eyelid.” Alistair had fallen thirty-five feet and landed headfirst on the concrete.

“The doctor said, ‘He’s got three embolisms. It would only take one to kill him, but he has three.'” Trina continues, “And he said to me, ‘We don’t think he will survive surgery, and if he did, he will have mental and physical disabilities.’ While he was speaking, I pictured Al strapped into a wheelchair, unable to move and unable to take care of himself.”

At that moment, Trina had to choose whether or not she was going to allow those negative thoughts in her imagination. “I knew in that instant, I had to eradicate that thought and go back to seeing Al well,” says Trina. “And I told the doctor, ‘God told me he would be all right, so I want you to do the surgery.'”

Trina Porter
Alistair Porter

To everyone’s amazement, Alistair survived the surgery. As days went by, however, Trina noticed that he was starting to relapse, and she called for the doctor. “He took one look at Al and said, ‘Get him to the emergency unit; we’re losing him.'” Trina remembers, “I had to sign a form because they were going to have to cut away a part of the brain to reach the blood clot farther back.”

Although the surgeon seemed apprehensive about the outcome of the procedure, Trina did not lose hope. “Again I said, ‘God said he will be all right. So, you go in there, and I promise you, this will be the best day’s work you’ve ever done.'”

Hours later, the surgeon came back with news: “It was the middle of the night, and he came into the waiting room with the little mask hanging around his neck. I said, ‘Best day’s work you’ve ever done?’ With a smile, the doctor responded, ‘Yep.'”

Alistair spent a total of only three weeks in the hospital, and his recovery shocked everyone. When it came time to check out, one consultant in particular shared his professional opinion with Alistair. “He said, ‘Someone up there likes you a lot. You are a walking miracle,'” Alistair relates. “This [came from] a consultant. They’re very scientific!”

Today Alistair continues to be a walking miracle, inspiring everyone who hears his testimony. Both he and Trina are very thankful to Andrew’s partners. Alistair shares, “I want to thank the friends and partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries because I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them.”

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