While You Are Sleeping

While I was studying Andrew’s teaching from his Christian Survival Kit, a story from a Charis Bible College friend came to mind. Her testimony of crisis and then victory seemed to sum up the very thing I was studying.

While living in Nigeria, my friend Dorothy found herself in a crisis. Her son was sick with a very high temperature. Her husband was out of town, and she was far away from the nearest hospital. The fever was so high that her son’s body was shaking. Being a woman of faith, she prayed, rebuked the devil, and confessed the Word over her boy, but things just kept getting worse. After several hours of this, she stopped and told God, “I’m believing in Your Word. By His wounds, my son was healed [1 Pet. 2:24]. I have done my part, and now I’m going to sleep.” Off she went to bed, while her son’s body continued to fight the invisible battle.

I remember hearing her testimony and thinking, Either she’s crazy, or she’s a hero of faith. I think many of us would find it hard to go to sleep while one of our loved ones was fighting illness. In a crisis, fear and anxiety can overtake us, and we can cross the line from faith into fear without noticing.

But Dorothy was a woman of faith. By the time the African sun woke her up and she went to check on her boy, the fever had subsided and he was sleeping peacefully.

Remember, nothing catches God by surprise. He’s aware of every problem. God knew that somewhere in Africa, a mother was fighting for the life of her son. The same is true for every crisis you will ever face. God is aware of your personal situation. You might feel lonely, but He knows what you’re going through. That’s why Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me” (John 14:1, New King James Version).

Andrew’s Christian Survival Kit helped me understand how Dorothy could look beyond her crisis. Andrew points out that the first thing a believer needs to do in a crisis is control their emotions and not panic! He explains by asking this question: “How do you keep from being troubled?” He then goes on to explain:

“You have to use your faith. Faith releases the power of God. Your first response, the way you respond to a crisis often determines the outcome…. Faith is just taking what God has said in His Word and exalting it above every other voice, every other feeling—not just outside voices, but your own voice. Whether you feel it or not, what does God’s Word say? Faith is speaking and believing and trusting in that. When you get mature in faith, there will be a confidence and a security in it.”

Dorothy overcame fear by keeping her eyes on the Word. She had a peace that surpassed all understanding, and her faith gave her the victory. When you understand these truths, like Dorothy, you’ll be able to sleep during your battle because you will know you have a faith that overcomes the world!

The Christian Survival Kit covers so much more and includes such topics as knowing God, the power of love and joy, and handling persecution. Andrew’s Harnessing Your Emotions book  will teach you how to take responsibility for your emotions and see the fruit of self-control work in your life.

Please comment below and let us know how you are applying these truths in your life.


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