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While You Are Sleeping

While I was studying Andrew’s teaching from his Christian Survival Kit, a story from a Charis Bible College friend came to mind. Her testimony of crisis and then victory seemed to sum up the very thing I was studying. While living in Nigeria, my friend Dorothy found herself in a crisis. Her son was sick…

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An Untroubled Heart

This summer, I learned firsthand how the Holy Spirit readies us for crisis. I was staying with my parents because my mother had undergone knee surgery. Early one morning, I heard my mother shouting, “Eileen, Eileen, Dad needs help!” I jumped to my feet, ran downstairs, and found that he had fallen in front of…

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Choose How You Feel

While reading through Andrew’s Harnessing Your Emotions book, I came across this statement: We can choose to be joyful in the midst of negative circumstances if we will put our minds on what God says and focus our attention on the spiritual realm rather than the physical realm. (p. 37) It took me a while…

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