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It’s That Time Again—Part 2

In Monday’s blog post, I discussed how important it is for Christians to vote according to biblical principles. It’s surprising to me how many Christians waive their right to vote. It seems that there are two main reasons Christians refrain from voting. One is that they don’t like their options, which I talked about in…

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It’s That Time Again—Part 1

Here we go again. It happens every four years. I’m not talking about the Olympics but about the long, drawn-out season of bloated speeches, empty promises, and mud-slinging television ads. That’s right. It’s election season! Many Christians aren’t excited about their choices for president this year. I know that many have also decided to “sit…

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Do Something—Lest You Do Nothing

Saying nothing is saying something. You may have heard this phrase recently, especially in connection with the desire to see our nation return to its Christian roots. People are crying out for the America of years ago but feel powerless to do anything about it—especially with the increasingly hostile attitude toward Christianity. On a special…

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Andrew’s Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision, June 26, 2015

I was truly saddened by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that homosexuals had a constitutional right to be legally married with all those rights and privileges. That was wrong in so many ways. I will let others detail all the legal and constitutional errors, but I want to comment on the moral inequities of what…

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