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Cultivate Good (God) Memories

It’s springtime! The grass is green, and flowers are blooming! It’s the most eagerly anticipated season for those with a green thumb. They’ve waited all winter to plant little seedlings and can now enjoy the glorious rewards of their labor. We all know that a beautiful garden doesn’t happen automatically—it takes time and effort. A…

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Making God Bigger

Breathe. Just remember what will happen if you don’t at least try. You’re wearing his favorite dress. Everyone’s praying and fasting. You’re in God’s hands now. Esther had to be thinking along these lines as she entered the king’s inner court uninvited. No one, under threat of death, entered that place without first receiving a…

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Am I Enough?

I opened my eyes to the surrounding darkness, which was as empty as the response I felt I was getting. Gripping the covers, I used a corner of the bed sheet to wipe my tired eyes, trying not to drift back into the shallow sleep I had come out of. Why isn’t He answering me?…

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