A New Year for Healing School

Imagine a place that not only teaches biblical truths about healing but also empowers people to walk in healing and minister it to others. Welcome to Healing School! Charis Bible College provides a place where believers can apply God’s Word and witness miraculous results.

“What we’ve discovered is that so much of the church today believes it is not God’s will to heal,” explains Daniel Amstutz, Charis Healing School’s director. “Or they believe that sometimes God can heal, but they never really know when that time is.”

Charis Intern Coordinator Carlie Terradez says, “A big part of what we do at Healing School, what we’re really passionate about, is training up believers that they can do the works, and greater works, of Jesus. We teach them that it’s nothing special—we’re not ‘super-dupers.'”

“So, we wanted to provide an atmosphere for people to be able to come and jump into the Word and find out what God really says about healing,” says Daniel. “A lot of people come seeking a healing, but when they get their eye on the Healer and get that priority straightened out, it’s amazing what begins to happen. It’s like seeking first the kingdom of God and then all these things will be added to you” (Matt. 6:33).

Charis Instructor Barry Bennett shares testimonies of healing from his own life.

Carlie explains that this is the reason it’s a healing school—because the students are learning to be ministers. She goes on to say, “It’s Jesus in them that heals people. They, too, can heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons.”

Aside from the students on campus, people have received their healing online, through viewing either the live feed or the archives. “Man, that just blows me away,” exclaims Carlie. “I mean, the anointing is there. Our hearts are for our students not to just keep what they’ve learned through the Healing School training but to then take it out to the streets. They see awesome healings out there.”

“It’s the students who have been trained and raised up as disciples who do it, which has been Andrew’s heart for all these years,” explains Daniel. And the best is certainly yet to come as the Healing School continues its third year with a weekly attendance of about 200 students and an average of 400 more watching by live stream.

This past year, the Healing School has held meetings in cities around the country and the world, from the sunny beaches of California to the wintery villages of Russia. The message truly changes everything, everywhere.

Plenty of opportunities to put the Word into action as people line the stage.

Join us for Healing School at our Woodland Park campus or online, every Thursday, starting at 1 p.m. (MT). Can’t watch it live? No problem! Visit the archives to watch any sessions you may have missed.

Healing isn’t just available to you; it’s on the inside of you. Learn to unlock this incredible gift of God in your life and touch the lives of those around you. We’ll see you on Thursday!


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