Charis Honored before the House of Representatives

In celebration of Charis Bible College’s twenty-fifth anniversary, U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn prepared and read an acknowledgement into the Congressional Record on the floor of the House of Representatives. “It’s a way that Congressmen can recognize and honor exceptional activities, organizations, or individuals in their home districts,” says Richard Harris, executive director of the Truth and Liberty Coalition. “During certain times, Congressmen can honor achievements of particular citizens by giving remarks on the floor of the House. And that’s what Congressman Lamborn did—he chose to recognize Charis Bible College. So, it was a great honor to have him to do that.”

The record was printed, framed, and then presented to Andrew and Jamie Wommack by Jeff Anderson, Lamborn’s Senior Faith Advisor.

Read this excerpt from the Congressional Record by Lamborn:

“I am pleased to honor the 25th Anniversary of Charis Bible College. It is nothing short of miraculous to observe the growth that has taken place within the past quarter-century. Charis was founded as Colorado Bible College in 1994 and was originally located in Colorado Springs. Charis has grown from its first graduating class of 33 people in 1996, to include 26 campuses in the United States and 22 international locations.”

When asked about why Representative Lamborn chose to honor Charis in this way, Harris said, “It happened because of the strengthening relationship that we have with Congressman Doug Lamborn. He has been a guest on our Truth & Liberty Coalition Live Cast and has welcomed our participation in a meeting to discuss pro-life issues. At our In God We Trust Rally, he prepared a video message that we presented. . . . Congressman Lamborn heard about our twenty-fifth anniversary, so he took the initiative to extend that honor to Charis.”

What a blessing!

When Christians stand for righteousness, they will find that they’re not alone. Others, even those in positions of power, will take notice and stand with them. Thanks go to Doug Lamborn who was willing to acknowledge all that God is doing through Charis Bible College! Here is another selection from the Congressional Record that was read before the House of Representatives, made up of 435 members:

“In my district, the Charis campus provides multiple programs of Bible-based education including a practical government degree. It also hosts faith-based events throughout the year with discussions on Christian art, culture, and politics. Charis Bible College was created by Andrew Wommack, who has been a pioneer in Christian education and ministry. His vision to have men and women steeped in scripture has changed countless lives in my district and around the world.”

Together, we are making America godly again!

Congressional record awarded to Charis Bible College
Congressional record awarded to Charis Bible College


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