Racism Revealed

Did you know that racism is deeper than skin color?

We have been talking about racism in America for over four hundred years, and it is still a hot topic today. In 2020, there were about 570 violent demonstrations nationwide claimed to be motivated by racial issues. The church has a vital role in standing against national division, and as Christians, it is crucial to recognize this truth: racism is not a skin problem but rather a sin problem. 

If you look in Genesis, you will see that the first thing Adam noticed when he sinned and ate of the forbidden fruit was appearance related—he realized he was naked! Before he sinned, he had never paid any attention to his outward appearance.  

Stone statue of Adam ashamed

Look at what God said to Adam in Genesis 2:17“For in the day that you eat of [the fruit] you shall surely die (New King James Version). When Adam disobeyed God, he died spiritually. He became self-conscious and aware of physical differences among humanity. If you read further, you will see additional divisions that resulted from Adam’s fall, like Cain killing his brother Abel. Ever since sin entered the world, division and hatred have ruled in the heart of mankind. Prejudice, fear, and oppression became a sinful pattern globallynot just in the last four hundred years and not just in America.  

You should also know that there are right and wrong ways to approach the topic of racism.

Two common, ineffective approaches that people use are attacking and defending. You will often see the issue of racism politicized. People will attack and label anyone who does not support a particular political agenda as racistYou will also see people getting defensive and claiming that they aren’t racisbecause their ancestors never owned slavesHowever, as Christians, we know a better way to approach the issue.  

Since racism is a sin issue, the only cure is Jesus.

Jesus came to change the condition of our hearts. As Christianswe no longer have the sin nature of Adam but the perfect nature of Christ, and we can now love others the way He loves us. In other words, you have the power through Christ to unify a divided America and change the social climate! 

This may shock you, but America has never been a racist nation.

You won’t hear this truth in most secular realms—because the truth eliminates the power that big government and political organizations use to divide and control people. But we know the truth, and we think you should too! 


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If you want to impact your community and shed the light of truth about the foundations of America, our Biblical WorldviewRacism curriculum can help you get started. 


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