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Have you ever wondered how Andrew Wommack ministries adapted during the challenges of the pandemic era? Over the last three years, something extraordinary has been happening. As the world faced isolation and fear, Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College rose to the occasion, reaching people through digital technology in their homes like never before.

From a mere two livestreams per week, the ministry output has multiplied to an astonishing fifty per month, with content that’s continuously expanding and improving. Today, we invite you to venture behind the scenes and uncover the studios where these shows come to life!

In addition to Andrew’s daily Gospel Truth Program, we also film The Inside Story, Biblical Worldview, and more in the AWM studio. We have an entire Special Projects Team responsible for AWM en Español (Spanish broadcast) as well as the University and Biblical Worldview series. Our production team is the creative force behind all of Andrew’s livestreams including the International Grace & Faith livestreams as well as the monthly Inside Story videos. Lastly, Jeff Giaimo’s Stories & News Team brings to life enthralling videos like Destiny Stories, Grace Encounters, and Construction Updates.

The Daily Gospel Truth Program

Around 2003, Executive Producer Stephen Bransford started praying for a professional studio set that would genuinely represent Andrew. After coming across a late 1990s tv Christmas special’s set with paned windows, high-back chairs, and a big stone fireplace—he knew it was the perfect Mountain Cabin feel he was looking for. Coupled with some beautiful mountain décor in an Aspen ski lodge, he had the inspiration he needed to create the studio we know today.

Did you know that Andrew films four weeks of his daily Gospel Truth television programs in just two days? For each TV shoot day, the Daily Broadcast team films ten twenty-five-minute shows in about five to six hours. The primary TV Studio has always used one camera to film Andrew’s program, which preserves the intimate one-on-one connection with the audience. Although we now have ten cameras and two control rooms to do all the various daily filming needed, Andrew’s daily show is still filmed with just one camera.

A friend of Andrew’s gave him most of the items that furnish his studio, including the Presidents’ pictures, the American flag, antlers, wagon wheels, chaps, pot-bellied stove, saddle, most of the cowboy paraphernalia, and more. Andrew contributed a pair of his own boots and the large oval buffalo rug hanging over the railing is Jamie’s. Another interesting set piece is the wooden stairs and beam. These actually came from the 2002 Hayman Canyon Fire and were put together by one of our craftsmen facilities employees.

Andrew’s TV Studio

tv studio with chandelier and table

Andrew’s TV set has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years, and is made of long-lasting materials like natural wood and stone. The set you see today was originally built at our Colorado Springs location. When that property was sold, it was carefully dismantled, transported to Woodland Park, and reassembled when the Ministry moved into the new AWM Headquarters building.

Biblical Worldview

A second set was constructed for the Biblical Worldview series. In the past, speakers had to present their lessons in front of a green screen and the background was inserted in the post-production process. Because of how time consuming this process was, a physical set was built by the Charis Arts & Media Creative Coordinator that resembled the look of the digital backdrop.

pic of indoor ceiling and furniture

The Live Stream Studios

The Live Studio Production team, formerly a small team of three people, has now grown to seventeen and is made up of producers, engineers, tech support specialists, and more.

The Truth & Liberty and Charis Live Bible Study shows that were originally produced as weekly livestreams are now broadcasting to the world each day Monday through Friday. The control rooms, studios, and sets have evolved to meet the ministry’s needs as it continues to grow rapidly. This team is constantly creating, innovating, planning, and preparing for the future.

pic of control room

Charis Daily Live Bible Study

pic of live bible study set

Originally filmed in the TV studio, the Charis Daily Live Bible Study livestreams became particularly difficult to film due to scheduling conflicts with other teams who also needed to use the studio. As a result, a set was built at Charis Woodland Park to create capacity. However, the work that involved moving and setting up the Live Stream team’s equipment made it an unsustainable long-term solution. As a result, office space at AWM Headquarters was converted into a new studio area for the Live Bible Studies.

The Truth & Liberty Daily Call-in Show

The Truth & Liberty show also added some challenges due to the nature of live call-ins. But our production teams were up to the task, creating an incredible way for viewers to connect directly with the hosts, ask questions, and receive Biblically sound answers.

pic of furniture-table-ceiling

The Truth & Liberty Daily Live Call-In show currently utilizes Andrew’s TV studio space. A rolling desk replaces Andrew’s round table, with monitors displaying incoming calls and questions. Remote studios are also being set up! Incredibly, the livestream team is able to run the show from the control room in Woodland Park with no one physically on the set, while host Alex McFarland takes live calls from his studio across the country! We now have remote studios in Virginia and Texas, too.

More on the Horizon

With a “yes” continuously in their heart for Andrew Wommack, the AWM Media department is constantly innovating, learning, and developing to ensure they are as prepared as possible for whatever comes next.

As we continue to reach farther and deeper with the Gospel, more and more lives will be impacted and changed by the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.


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