Uganda Update – Fruit Abounds

Andrew attended the 2014 graduation for Charis Bible College Uganda. Celebration was the theme of the day, and it was obvious that the graduates had gotten hold of the Word of God and their lives had been changed. Andrew addressed the crowd and congratulated each graduate as they made their way across the stage.

Andrew also held a Gospel Truth Rally at Glory of Christ Church with his good friend, Pastor Herbert. People were touched as they heard the Word, and many lives were changed. What a great time of fellowship and encouragement!

Andrew addresses the 2014 graduating class of Charis Bible College Uganda
First-year graduates snap a photo with Andrew as they look forward to the coming year of studying at CBC Uganda.
Andrew congratulates the graduates as they make their way across the stage and receive their diplomas.
Grounded in the Word of God, we can plainly see the fruit of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College around the world!
Andrew ministers at the Gospel Truth Rally with Pastor Herbert.
Preparations and greetings are made outside the church before the service begins.
Every seat was full as every ear tuned into the stage.
Andrew and Pastor Herbert work together to bring the love and grace of God to the people of Kampala.
Hands raised in colorful surrender to the same God who created us all in His image.
The love is spread as Andrew is recognized more in Kampala than in any other city in the world.
Worship was a wonderful time of praise and refreshing.
Many hearts responded to the love of God.


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