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7 Major Lies to Reject About Marriage

When Satan met Adam and Eve in the garden, his aim was not only to ruin their relationship with God but also to sow discord between them and not only did he want to ruin their relationship with God, he also wanted to destroy their relationship with each other. He wanted Adam and Eve to…

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Message from Andrew Wommack: Festival of Nations

Dear Friend, We just got through with our Festival of Nations presentation at Charis and it was one of the most impactful times of my life. We had all of our AWM and CBC directors from around the world come and share about how the Lord is using this ministry right there in their own…

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Do You Know How to Make the Truths of Heaven a Reality on Earth?

Do you know how to make the truths of heaven a reality on Earth? The Bible probably has over one thousand promises in it. The reason you’re still here on this earth is so that you can live out every one of them. If God just wanted you to get saved so that you would…

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Suffering of the Godly: It’s Not What You Think!

Let me start by saying that the suffering of the godly: it’s not what you think! does not include sickness, disease, poverty, lack, pain, depression, or mental torment. Surely He has borne our griefs [sicknesses] And carried our sorrows [pains]; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for…

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A Marriage Restored: The Hudsons’ Story of Healing

Whether you can recall the excitement of your wedding day or you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival, many of us envision a fairy-tale beginning. Find out what happens in A Marriage Restored: The Hudsons’ Story of Healing. We imagine growing old with the love of our lives, untouched by the hardships we vowed to overcome. But…

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Christian Philosophy

Transforming Your Core Philosophy with God’s Word Every person views their life through a filter. For example, optimists see opportunity in every situation they face, while pessimists can only see defeat and failure. Both could be facing the same circumstances, but their filter determines how they respond. That filter could also be called their philosophy…

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Living as an Example: Follow Me as I Follow Christ!

I’m excited because I believe God is going to really begin to reveal to you the power of what He’s called you to do and where He’s called you to go. You know, everybody wants to have a grand calling and accomplish something significant in the world, and I do believe that God has called…

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Honoring God with Your Body: The Power of Sexual Stewardship

Sexual stewardship is not a common subject that you’ll find in the church, unfortunately. In fact, many believers have never had bold teaching on this important topic. But we need to lay a strong foundation from the Word of God for every area of our lives, including sexuality because there is such an aggressive attack…

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How to Receive a Harvest During a Famine

I went to school during the week, and on the weekends I would go do trade shows. I started buying all the trade shows for the year, and then COVID happened. I wasn’t just broke. I was in the hole, looking up at broke, $40,000 in debt. My wife and I were lying in bed,…

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How to Face Death and Keep Standing!

I’m a dangerous man today because I’ve died twice. I died in Jesus and then I physically died of a heart attack. I could tell you my testimony, and it won’t change much five years from now. But if I tell you how I faced what I faced, how I’m standing here now—it’ll last you…

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